Please help identify this teapot and Jug

Both items have been in my family for generations and I’m attempting to establish provenance and age. According to the mark it is silver, from London, 1791. Makers mark is “IP”. The accompanying Jug is unmarked, however, it is initialed as the teapot “A.L. and C.A”.

I would like to know more about these beautiful pieces and estimated value. Thank you,

A. Machado

I don’t know how you have managed it but your image of the hallmark is reversed left to right. IP is probably Joseph Preedy. For values I suggest that you check out Ebay’s completed auctions to see what comparable items have sold for. If the jug (or creamer) is unmarked then it can not be assumed that it is also silver. There may be a hallmark hidden in the decoration - I would expect it to be at the top next to the handle on one side or the other.