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Please help identify thsi mark?

Hi my name is Daine and im new to the site…i have a question about a mark that is on my flatware…it is kings pattern and has “AP” andabove the ap is a dog,bull,poodle or something like tha…i have checked all over to find out what “AP” stands for and if the items are solid silver or plated. it has no other marks on any part of the cutlery nor on the knife blades i would appreciate any help …thankyou Diane
mark 001.jpg.jpg

Hi Diane

Welcome and thank you for joining us.

The general rule with silver-coloured metal is: if it doesn’t have any indication of fineness such as the word “sterling”, a hallmark or a numerical grade such as 925, then it is unlikely to be solid silver.

The only manufacturer with the initials AP which springs to mind is Arthur Price of Sheffield. However this does not look like one of their marks and I would certainly expect the knife blades to be marked if this was their mark.

Do you have any idea what part of the world it might have come from?


Hi Phil,
thankyou for your fast response.i have been on to Arthur Price today and it isnt one of their sets…i have googled and googled until i cant google any more.i came across a set in africa and have emailed them but no response yet, .i took it to the jeweller yesterday and he said that it’s at least plated, however it doesnt have a plated mark either .so im at a loss…i would have said it was from the uk as it was given to my nan on her 25 wedding anniversary in the 50’s and she didnt know any foreign people.thats what makes me think its from uk. …it has never been out of the box and it showing slight signs of tarnish,…i do hope someone can help me…im like a dog with a bone now…thanks again. Diane

Hi Diane,
Just wondering if you ever found out what this was as my Mum has just given me a cutlery set with the same mark.