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Please help me identify this hallmark.

:slight_smile: Hi, I got this cigarette case at an estate sale. I have looked all over to try to match this hallmark. It is a sterling case. The hallmark looks like S.F. with a strange looking “f” When looking online, it comes up with San Francisco,Schultz & Fischer & more. But nothing matches this hallmark. Does anyone know what this is?

I might have to do something with the quality of the silver used…you might have a jeweler look at it…

No need for that - here is a picture - Am I right?
I even know the dimensions :smiley: 206 gram 8 cm x 12,5 cm long x 0,9cm

However if the picture is not the right one - here is the maker
jørgen Frandsen - silver smith from Vejle
It is danish.

ps - the halmark does not include the S - S stands for Silver. And 925 for purity - sterling silver.
Halmark is the 2 letters in monogram.

Thank You! Now it all makes sense. I appreciate your time. It is 155 grams.
Picture 003 (Small) copy.jpg

Good - at an auktion - not long ago - I saw another similar to mine. Therefor i guessed at same pattern. But he made several models. Mine is for a man yours proberly for a woman. Mine is more masculine.and heavy to have in a pocket. Inside: