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Please help me identify this mark????????

:confused: Hi. Can anyone help me identify the marks on a sterling silver belt buckle that came from america (though maybe not made there). The belt buckle is large (115mm x 65mm). The buckle has a 10mm border that is highly decorated with what looks like carved acanthus leaves. On the back is the following marks :

C.B. & H STERLING (I thought that I had identified the maker as being codding bros. & heilborn however they operated in the US frpm 1862-1918), and this is where the problem lies because still on the underside but at the opposite end is another mark. It is either AT01 or ATOI. Underneath this are two chalices (drinking vessels) and underneath these is a date 7 - 11 - 48.

The buckle is double pronged and on the underside of one of the prongs is also stamped C.B. & H STERLING.

PLEASE, can anyone help me here.

Regards, mastiffchamp

Hi, thanks for joining us on

The belt buckle is definitely not English, and certainly sounds American from the marks you have described. Hopefully Uncle Vic will be able to help more on the Reading American Silver Hallmarks section.

It may be useful to post some images if possible.

Best regards
Daniel Franks