Please help with these two items I have had for years

The first item is a pint mug with stamps on base as picture & The Moorgate on front with pint stamp & vr37…

The second item is a champagne stand from a steam ship has NAL on front & marks on base…

any info would be great as wish to find out approx value before putting them on ebay


These items appear to be silver plated so have very little intrinsic value. There may be some more value if you find the right collector. Put them on eBay with an accurate description, good pictures and a low starting price and the market will determine the value.

the w&h mark is walker & hall of sheffield, 1890’s mark. And gebruder hepp made silverware for hotels a while back and is silverplate, though surewly is worth a wee bit of money. Afterall WMF did take the factory over.