Please take a look :)

Hi there.
Got this nice little silver bowl/dish from my nan and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is real silver, where its from and if its worth anything - other than sentimental value of course :slight_smile:

These are the best pictures I can take with my cheap camera, so hope its good enough…

I have tried google to see if I could work it out myself, but deary me, theres so many different hallmarks etc…

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Your little bowl is for salt and is (confusingly) called a salt. It would have had a glass liner as salt corrodes silver.

I think that it is electroplate rather than solid silver - there is no sign of a hallmark, but I can see what appears to be Walker & Hall’s triangular flag trademark. Had there been enough wear to remove hallmarks I think the trademark would also have gone.

Unfortunately it has very little value.