Pocket Watch Case, Hallmarks?

I was trying to read the hallmarks from my slightly battered pocket watch case, and came up stuck with all of them apart from the Lion mark. What date is the case I can’t make out which date letter that might be.
I thought that it maybe a Chester hallmark but then I couldn’t see a maker with the initials I.K & Co.
Could it be Tozer Kernsley & Fisher of Fenchurch Street London with a date letter “E” denoting 1905?
Maybe someone on here can be of some help?

I would agree with all your findings,

You seem to have got the answer right - Tozer, Kernsley & Fisher, Chester, 1905.

Note that the date letter, although nominally for 1905, is actually 1905/1906 as the date letter changed on 1 July. We can therefore deduce that your watch holder was assayed in either May or June 1906 as TK&F did not register their mark until May 1906.

Thank you both for your reply. It took some detective work to read the hallmarks, like the “T” in the makers mark looked a little like a “I” and the fancy date letter “E” was a bit baffling not to mention the three little Chester mushrooms! Got there in the end, its nice to have this confirmed though. Jon
The watch by the way is a Junghans (Alarm) Glow Worm Pocket Watch c1906 and is in constant use.