Pocket watch with hallmarks - need help identifying

I have a pocket watch that was given to me which has some hallmarks on it that I need help identifying. On the inside of the back cover there is what appears to be an animal riding a horse holding a flag with the letters “F.R.C.”. Above the horse is a box with the numbers “0,800”. To the left of the horse is what appears to be the Leopard hallmark. To the right of the horse is what appears to be the Lion Passant. Below the horse is a crown with the number 13 below it and next to the crown/13 are some Asian characters. Below the crown/13 and Asian characters is the number 86970 and below it is the letter F.

The movement inside the watch has the inscription “Fr Retz & Co” which I am unable to find much information on. Can anyone help identifying when or where this was made?