anybody can give me a hint how much is it worth , I have found it in my parents house ,
its tiny nut dish cca 7 inch x 3.
thanks for help

any response ? please help me

$100 - $150 perhaps

hm thats not too much :frowning: i saw it in ebay cca 200$

I would like to buy some sterling silver stufff any idea where
can I buy some stuff which is woth and not overvalued . I prefer some kind of eshop casue im from europe.
What do you thing about buying such as stuff via ebay ?
Thanks for hints

I’ve bought sterling silver on eBay for many years with very little trouble. BUT…you have to know what you are doing, like anything else. First, educate yourself, and a great way to do that is to watch items on eBay - particularly things you like - and see what is really paid for them. Search similar items in the “completed items” section to see the actual prices paid. Get a feel for what people are paying on eBay, then go to anitque shops and price silver, do the same at antique shows and fairs. Once you feel comfortable, start bidding on eBay and asking dealers what their “best price” is on an item you want. Negotiate in good faith and you may be surprised at how reasonable most dealers are.

But only start buying when you know what you are doing. Many fortunes have been made on the backs of fools.


Uncle Vic

Hello uncle vic

Thnanks for your observations ,
Any idea about books which can be used for education ?
Can you give me particular hints for reading books/articles ?
what is better to collect gorham .wallace or tiffany ?

Have a nice day

Dorothy T. Rainwater, et al’s “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers”, 5th Edition, is the quick reference I use every day. Available on Amazon. It is essential for identifying the maker, silver content, and approximate age, which is about 2/3 of getting to a fair value.

Every collector should have a quick reference to English and Continential silver marks, and I use a little pocket book, John Bly’s “Silver & Sheffield Plate Marks”, one of the Miller’s collector books, available either on Amazon or most bookstores. These basic references will get you started. Your public library may also have an extensive collection of silver books.

In today’s market for American silver, Tiffany commands the highest price, followed by Gorham, with Wallace trailing. Most Tiffany does not appeal to my eye, but on the other hand, most Gorham does. Wallace, especially the very old stuff, is also pretty.

My wife & I are going to the big Miami Beach antique show next week (a 5 day show with 800+ vendors and a LOT of silver) and we are curious to see what effect, if any, this recession has had on silver prices. If any of our readers will be in that area and would like to meet for a chat, feel free to call on my cell phone, 225 937 1319, and my real name is Vic Roy.

When I first became interested in silver after my wife dragged me, kicking and screaming, through the London Silver Vaults some 25 years ago, I made a few mistakes in buying stuff I was not sure of. I then sat on the sidelines of Ebay in its early years and watched for a while, then as my confidence grew, slowly began to buy some things that caught my eye. Remember, we all start from zero. Just take your time, study up, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and soon you will be up to snuff.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for feed back

can you tell me how much is worth following dish >
thanks … 2558cf197b

My estimate would be $200-250 US.


Uncle Vic