Prices For Chester Silver

Just joined and hope to collect some pieces of Chester silver , been looking whats available on ebay as a starting point but dont know if the buy it now prices are fair for a particular item or how much to bid in an auction.
I am an experienced internet buyer/seller but mainly in electrical/av products , at the moment I have selected 12 items of Victorian silver and just watching what they sell for at the end of the auction to give me an idea.
Any pointers for pricing for items such as , Pin cushions/Vesta cases/Sovereign cases/scent bottles/watches etc.
Looking to keep the silver for a few years before moving it on.
Many Thanks


I think you’ve got the right idea by watching the market for a while; that should give you some idea of how things are going. BIN prices, especially from dealers, are often optimistic, but can occasionally result in a bargain so it’s worth keeping an eye on them. Your best bet would be to check out completed auction prices to see at what price particular items are going - and also of course what price they are not going for.

Silver prices have not increased greatly over the last 20 years or so, although I feel there may be a bit of upward movement now, but, as with any investment, markets can be fickle. I subscribe to the philosophy of only buying what attracts me, so monetary value becomes secondary (not that I’m averse to making a quick profit if I can of course!).

Probably once you have a few items and have enjoyed polishing them and touching them you will feel the passion that silver collecting can bring.

Many thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: