Queen VIctoria Silver Mark Help Needed


I am trying to identify the background on a silver serving piece I inherited. An expert in Scottish silver told me it is not from Scotland - but could perhaps be from England or the U.S. I inherited the piece from an elderly aunt (born 1895) who collected antiques.

Below is a URL of pictures of the piece, which is hollow-ware. It has been packed up for many years so it needs polishing. The expert on Scottish silver said that it may be a Queen Victoria Jubilee piece.


Thank you in advance,
Julie T.


Julie, thanks for joining us here on silver-collector.com. I can’t find your mark in my American silver books, but I have a vague sense I’ve seen it before. Anyone else out there have a match for it?

Uncle Vic

Thank you for your reply and any help.

A close look at the faces in the two rampant lions in the seal gave me pause. The faces look like they were drawn on manually in an amateur hand.

Never thought of that, but again, I just have a vague notion when I first saw the mark that I’d seen it before. Assuming that is the only mark, you can be 99.9% sure it is not sterling, neither British or American. The British sterling marks are set by law and almost all American sterling will have the word “sterling” and/or “925” or “925/1000” on it. Let’s see if some of our silver collecting friends here have some clues.


Uncle Vic