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Question about Silver and Fresh Flowers

:smiley: Hi Everyone. I have a quick question: can you put fresh flowers in a sterling silver vessel? I know salt is damaging to it if not cleaned immediately, does the chemical make up of flowers and their stems do the same?


It should be OK as far as I know. Silver vases, in my (limited) experience do not have any form of protection as salt spoons do, such as a gold wash.

Fresh flowers are fine as long as they are removed when they have run their course. I’ve seen some vases where flowers have been left for months that have tarnished the inside of the rim badly. I suspect the same would hold true for certain decrotative stems such as cat’s tails, etc. It would seem to be a good practice to remove the contents now and then and gently polish the interior of the neck.

But by all means don’t take our cautions as meaning that flowers should not be displayed in sterling…in fact, there is little on Earth that can match some fresh colorful flowers in a tall sterling silver vase.


Uncle Vic

Thank y’all so much, I’ll be taking all my flowers out of glass vessels and putting them in my sterling this weekend!!!

Love love,