reading hallmark


Please help me to read this russian mark from a set of spoons.
Thank tou.

pls forgive my english (I’m Italian!)
I’ve tried to interpretate the hallmark:
the letters in the oval are the silversmith’s initial in cyrillic (in latin VL ?), then we have the letters of the assayer (?) and the date (1891), 84 is the silver fineness in zolotniks (84 was the common one and correspond to 875/1000), at last we have the town mark.
All that to be able to read the hallmark, however I didn’t find a correspondence.
You could find yourself more information visiting the site
Did I help you?

Thank you very much for you response.
Unfortunately i didn’t found the silversmith, the assayer or the town mark on that link.

If anyone can help me, i will appreciate.