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I have a rectangular container with a lid with the following markings underneath :

WH&SBP 23201

Can anyone tell me what this is worth.

I don’t know how to get my photo to the size you require - it is only 114Kb and the size is 479 x 640 but it will not attach.

Thank you

Your container is electroplated so may not have very much value. Your picture’s problem is the 640 pixels. The site does not allow any dimension to exceed 500 pixels so you must either reduce the whole picture size or crop it so that neither the width nor the height exceeds 500 pixels.

Attached are photo’s of the item
IMG_2154 (500x375).jpg
IMG_2155 (135x500).jpg
IMG_2152 (500x375).jpg

From your pictures it looks as if the electroplating has worn off much of the lid allowing the base metal colour to show through. If so this has seriously affected whatever value it might originally have had.

Without seeing a picture of the marks I cannot be sure about the manufacturer, but I suspect that it may be William Hutton and Sons.

Photo of Silver markings attached