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Reed and Barton Silver Set??


I am so happy I found this site! As I am learning about silver, I brought this home from a family member (who didn’t know much about it either). It looks like a lovely tea set…does anyone know about when it was made…and better yet, how much it may be worth? I have searched the internet but did not find another one…Here is the info:

There are 3 Pieces…the tea or coffee pot, creamer and sugar?? They are in really good condition but do have a few minor scratches.

The Bottom Reads: “Med & Plated By Reed & Barton” “Taunton, Mass” “No. 3515- 6 Half Pt.”

I am most likely asking the most amatuer question on here but would love to know more about this set.

Thanks for your time! It is REALLY appreciated!


Hi there Sarah, and welcome aboard I’m the American silver moderator, and your tea set is American. Reed & Barton was founded in 1840 in Taunton, Mass. and is still in business today. It is a very prolific maker of sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware. Your tea set is silver plated, pattern #3515. You can view a picture of the pot on (their item #208906). Replacements does not have it in stock nor list a price. Recent sales on eBay indicate the value of your set is soemwhere between $30 and $75. Any estimate of age is simply a guess, but I’d say post 1900.

Thanks for visiting and we are glad we could help.

Uncle Vic Roy

What is a 3119 pattern reed and barton worth. I can not find that anywhere