Regent plate jug

I have a silver jug and have made the presumption that it is some sort of plate.It says on the back that it is ‘GOLDSMITHS SILVERSMITHS COMPANY LTD. 112 REGENT STREET LONDON’ it then has a W and states REGENT PLATE. Says it is 3/4 pint and other than that has only one other marking of 11 with a little side ways ‘s’ under it. Have been searching on the internet to try and understand what regent plate is - any help would be much appreciated. I don’t have any need for the jug and am under the impression it’s quite worthless but wanted to get confirmation before I pass it on or sell it.

I guess that Regents Plate was basically a piece of marketing, probably meant to indicate a deeper deposit of plate. There were various other terms like this used. Mappin & Webb used the term Princes Plate. Various other producers used an ‘A1’ mark. Another term used was ‘triple deposit’.

These marks didn’t tell you the actual thickness of the plated layer. They simply suggested that the plate was thicker than usual.

Regards // Jonathan