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Rough Value - Silver Salver & Cigarette Case

Please could you give me a rough idea if these are worth anything other than scrap value.

Silver Salver
S&S - Stephenson & Sons
Standard Mark - Sterling .925
City - Sheffield
Date - 1905/1906
Weight - approx 565grams

Cigar/Cigarette Case - Cedar woord interior with one divider
P&B - Padgett & Braham Ltd
Standard Mark - Sterling .925
City - London
Date - 1963/64

Thanks for your time

Kind Regards

Hi - would like to bump this - particularly i would like rough value of the Salver

Kind Regards

As a rough order of magnitude estimate only the salver is probably somewhere in the £275-£325 region. You don’t give a size for the cigarette box, but, assuming a size around 8"x4"x2", it’s probably going to be worth £70-£100.

Thanks for your reply silvermakersmarks - much appreciated.

Kind Regards