Salt Cauldron Query Makers Mark

Hi All I Have A Pair Of Footed Salt Cauldrons In The Georgian Style The Are Sitting On Paw Foots With Repose Pattern I Am Having Trouble With The Makers Mark Could Any One Help Me Identify The Maker Please

I suspect the mark is most likely JN&S for John Nowill & Sons of Sheffield. It is an electroplate mark and the A shows the standard of electroplating (not as good as A1, but better than B). For an image of the mark which I think it might be see here.

Hi Thanks For Your Reply I have Polished The Other Cauldron And It Shows A Different Mark is This The Same?

Can you post a picture of the full mark in focus please.

Hi This Is The Base Mark Unfortunately The 2nd And 5th Mark Are No Detectable

Thanks, now I can see how it fits in with the rest of the mark. Yes it’s the same maker - the bit you showed initially is the (very rubbed and hence distorted) letter N from JN&S.