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Sampson Mordan

An academic question please.
I have been told (when trying to buy a piece) that it is very common for particular ‘solid silver’ pieces by Sampson Mordan, NOT to have an english hallmark. Is this correct? I have always assumed that ALL english solid silver has to be hallmarked in the normal way.

I have heard something like this too, John, but I think it may be a minor urban myth. Some of SM’s pieces would certainly have been too small to have needed hallmarking and I’m not sure whether there were any special regulations with regard to pencils, but, in general, anything silver sold in the UK would have had to have been hallmarked.

This is the item, which has the patent/design mark but no other marks. What do you think? It’s about 3 ins high.

Very pretty, but without a hallmark how can you be assured that it is solid silver? And if the silver part exceeds the minimum weight it is still illegal to sell it as silver.

My thoughts exactly … many thanks