Seller advertised as plate

Good morning.

I am picking up a bowl/dish this evening.

The advert described it as silver plated. But the hallmarks would say to me that it’s London silver from the 70s. However there is a bit that looks like the base metal is coming through - I’m hoping it’s just tarnish.

It’s only £25 so not a lot of money either way, but it has to be silver right? Does the lion ever get applied to plate?

I think the maker is courtman, but can’t find much about them.

Definitely a silver hallmark so no way can it be silver plated. The hallmark date is 1970, but I don’t think that the maker is Courtman Silver - they had a different mark which overlaps the dates for which I have seen this mark so it’s unlikely that they had 2 different marks in use at the same time.

We do see lions on electroplate but never in combination with the other component marks of a hallmark.

When you get it I expect that you will be able to polish off the marks which are concerning you.