Serving spoon

Here is a 9-inch serving spoon. “Wineburgh” is written on the stem, along with “Sterling.” At the base of the spoon part is “Patent” information 1908? with some smaller lettering and date “180?” underneath. Above that I think there’s a heraldic “Lion” with a rather bushy tail curved over his back, and some other stamps that my old eyes cannot make out with my camera or a magnifying glass.

Info on this one would be appreciated.

Again, thanks. You are a font of information and I hope I don’t turn into a pest, but we’re trying to catalog all this stuff we’ve accumulated over 50 years of marriage.
serving  patent info.jpg
serving brand info.jpg
serving top.jpg

The mark is that of the Whiting Mfg. Co. of Providence, RI which was started in the 1840s and became part of Gorham in 1926. The Whiting mark was continued in use after takeover by Gorham. Whiting used some date marks from 1905 until 1924, so try to photo the other marks and perhaps I can date the spoon, which would obviously be after the patent date(s). The date marks are geometric symbols.

And, no, not a pest at all…this is a lot of fun!


Uncle Vic