Set of 4 candlesticks

Hi, I found these set of 4 candlesticks in my aunts very old house. There are no marks that I can see on them and the bases are covered in baize, they weigh 746g each. I know its a long shot but would anyone have any idea what they’re worth? Thanks!

As these candlesticks are not apparently marked we must assume that they are not silver which would make their value fairly low. However there is always the possibility that they are actually silver but that the marks have been polished off. If you have any thought that they could be silver I suggest that you take them to a good quality jeweller or reputable antique dealer for an opinion.

Just one thought, though. Good quality candlesticks often have removable sconces (the bit at the top) and these are normally marked too. Have you tried removing them? (they normally just twist and pull off).

Thanks so much for the reply - well would you believe the sconces did come off! On one of them there is the name “Ben” mysertiously scratched into the edge and a mark that looks a little like an owls head and on the other there is a very faint what looks like N R 4 in script style writing and the same owls head. The photo isnt great I’m afraid.

Sorry, the marks don’t ring any bells with me.