Sheffield Silver Salver, 1918, 13 1/2 oz

My wife has inherited a small silver salver with a shaped ‘Chippendale’ border, on three scroll feet. It has been dated as 1918 from Sheffield.

It was purchased in 1979 for £165 from an antique dealer and we would like to know how much we would be able to sell the item for, either to a private collector or to a dealer? I suspect there would be a significant difference in price between the two!

Please see photos below.

I hope someone can help.

Many thanks


Hi Dave and thanks for joining us. I’m no expert on English silver, but do have a English salver that looks identical to yours, although somewhat newer. What is the diameter and weight of your salver? Check the “completed items” on eBay and you might get a good idea of what similar English salvers are selling for.


Uncle Vic

You won’t see much profit on your investment I’m afraid. Based on eBay completed items I think you may get between £175 and £200 for your salver. I don’t think there would be much advantage selling it privately rather than to a dealer. eBay is probably your best selling forum, but do offer it to a dealer first - you never know, you might get an offer you can’t refuse.