Shefield Maybe??

Hi again - its probably American due to the word “sterling”, which you almost never see on British silver. I’ll have to look at some references to see if I can identify the maker’s mark. Looks familiar but I’m having a Senior Moment…


Uncle Vic

At 3072 × 2304 pixels your pictures are far too large for comfortable viewing. For attachments we require a maximum dimension (width or height) of 500 pixels. For externally referred pictures like yours you should aim for something similar. Please remember that there are still people with slow internet connections for whom huge pictures take too long to download.

I am sorry, I have corrected my image sizes. Still waiting on positive id on this one. Thanks for everyone help, sorry I am new to the forum but I will learn I promise you.

Note, found it this morning. Simpson Hall Miller and Co. Thanks for everyones efforts.

Thanks for the adjustments - much appreciated. I’ll leave this post up to give you time to read it and then delete our respective posts about picture size.