Silver ball knopped spoon 17c I think help with hallmarks pls

For years now I have been trying to uncover these hallmarks but have been hitting wall after wall, I would be so grateful if anyone can help shed some light please.

I suggest that you clean it, re-photograph the marks and post a nice large and clear image of them. On past experience you may not get an answer here but, wherever you post, my advice will stand you in good stead.


Garet, I would urge you to take special note of what Phil has suggested, as I believe there are collectors who would like to know more about your spoon. I, for one, have a spoon almost identical to yours, and I am curious too.
I have labelled mine a strawberry serving spoon, 1902, sterling, London. Made by WH Searle. It has a shape just like yours, but in the place of your two lines, a cross and two more lines on the flat piece, mine has six lines evenly spaced.

I have similar spoon which are Scandinavian anointing spoon. Try looking towards Norway or Sweden