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Silver Beaker help.. with silver coin

I just picked up this silver beaker. Its pretty plain other then a mark at the top that reads 03L. and a coin on the front that says “Friedrich Grosherzog Von Baden” and 2 dates “1852 1902”. The underside of the beaker reads “WMFN I/O 99”… I’m looking for any info I can get… Would also like to know the value

Pictures are alwayes a good thing - so post.

WMF is Wurtemburgische Metallwaren Fabrik
I/o is normal thicknes of plate
n is nickel silver

I’ll Put up pics when I get home

Here are the pictures

wait it didn’t work… How do i resize it or something?

try this again

The “99” is actually a “gg” which means entirely gilt?

I decided to put this on eBay, with what I think is a low starting price. I’ll let you know what it ends up selling for. If you search “silver beaker Von Baden” you’ll be able to see it.