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silver box--victorian?


This box has been in my family for several generations. What is it for, can you help me identify the marks, and how much is it worth? thanks!
silver box 004.jpg
silver box 002.jpg


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The item is called an egg coddler, it was used to heat and keep warm eggs, and is elctroplated. It is actually missing the burner and stand, and the egg holder which would sit inside the box. I see them occasionally in Old Sheffield, but have only seen one or two in electroplate.

The marks are that of Hawksowrth Eyres & Co. The mark was registered in 1850, and was used until around 1873, so that gives you a very good idea of age.

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thank you for your reply, I never would have guessed that. now…if I want to sell it, how much is it worth, and how should I go about it? I dont’ want to lose it on ebay for 99 cents.


Hi again,
To be honest I don’t think its worth very much without its missing bits. I guess you could sell it as a plated box for around £20 - £30.

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