Silver Butterfly Brooch


I have a small silver enamelled butterfly brooch with colured stones in don’t know if gems or paste.

It is Chester silver, maker A.J.S and has a C which I think indicates 1903.

Does anyone have any info on maker as I can’t find anything. Wondering also if this peice would be classed as Art Noveau (think I’ve spelt that right).

Any help would be much appreciated

AJS is almost certainly Arthur Johnson Smith a “manufacturing jeweller” of Variety Works, Frederick Street, Birmingham. It would be useful to see a picture in order to be certain, but there seem to be issues with picture uploading on this site at present.

Thank you for your help much appreciated

I will try and post picture when able

You should now be able to post pictures.

Sorry I haven’t got back with a picture. I scanned butterfly and tried to attach but having no luck. Will try again.
butterfly 003.jpg

At least you got a picture on - but it needs to be in sufficient detail so that the maker’s mark is clearly visible.

Markings are so small having probs getting them to show up. No matter - I am sure the A.J.S is for Arthur Johnson Smith. I can’t find any info about him on internet. I was trying to find out its value although I don’t expect it is worth alot when I can’t find any info on A.J.S.

I have another two items to ask about sometime. Might be easier if I use my sons digi camera to take photos of them. Bit pointless asking for help if I haven’t got knack of putting photos on site yet.