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Silver Cake Basket-unknown maker

I am trying get more information on this cake basket regarding who the maker is and what it might be worth-It is marked/engraved on the bottom with what appears to be an “HS Co Silvered” with a windmill (no pipes) underneath. I may be reading the initals wrong but if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated.

This is electroplate by Hartford Sterling Co of Philadelphia PA. Electroplate is not very valuable; you may be able to get an idea of value if you can find something similar in eBay’s completed auctions.

Thankyou very much!! I was driving myself crazy trying find similar markings. Thanks again.


Btw, am I correct on calling it a cake basket? I don’t know what the number on it means but I figured a date code?

I would go with just “basket”. The number is a design/pattern number.