silver cigar humidor

hi guys. was just wondering some history and worth of this item. not sure if its plated or not. any help would be great! what ive found out is that it is made by elkington & co.

its silverplate.
The mark (square) tells age metal etc. I shall return and decode the numbers when I get back home.

You can decode the Design Registration mark yourself here. Assuming the letter to the right of “Rd” is C that gives a design year of 1870. Note this is not a manufacturing date - that will have been some time after the design registration date. I have no idea of value.

thanks for the link. i cant figure out how to do it right though lol

You will see that the diamond mark was used during 2 different year spans with different letter/number combinations. In both year spans the top symbol is a Roman numeral denoting the material of the object. “I” is metal. Below that is a letter for 1842-1867 or a number for 1868-1883. Yours has a “9” so it’s from the second series of dates in which the year is shown by the letter in the right hand vertex. I believe that the relevant letter for you is a “C” (it looks like “O” in your picture, but “O” was not used in this series so I’m sure it must be “C”). The letter in the bottom vertex shows the month, and the number in the top vertex shows the day of the month so the design was registered on 9 Feb 1870.