Silver Coffeepot

How about this coffeepot? Thanks for any help & figures you can provide!

I spent a couple of hours digging through hallmarks but couldn’t figure out whose it is. This appears to have a small ivory inlay in the handle!

American sterling silver by the Mt. Vernon Compnay Silversmiths, Inc. of Mt. Vernon, NY, probably made between 1914 and 1923. The ivory inlay is an insulator to prevent the handle from becoming too hot from the coffee or tea inside. Ivory insulators such as this are very expensive to replace, so be careful with it.

Value is at least several hundred dollars. Check for retail and eBay “completed items” for a more realistic value.


Uncle Vic

Wow, you’re GOOD! Thanks! I didn’t see anything remotely comparable on Ebay, it’s all silverware pretty much.