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silver collection 1250 grams pure silver 50 years old set how much do you think this worth ?

Just because it isn’t attracted to a magnet does not make it silver. What markings are there on it which show that it is silver?

some pictures what do you think i did go to silver shop and women that work there tell me it is silver.

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That appears to be Cyrillic lettering as used in Russia and some other Eastern European countries. The letters are . Unfortunately I have no idea what they might stand for. I have strong suspicions that they are not silver markings.

Hi, Boris,
These letters mean short for “s” “t” “a” “i” “n” “l” “e” “ss” “s” “t” “ee” “l”.
I believe that women who said that it is silver will make the best offer to you

hello , i am antique dealer form Eastern Europe/ Bulgaria. And this mark “НЕРЖ” is not for silver , most probably this set is silver plated.