Silver/Glass bottle

A friends family was given this in Ireland a long time ago and they have asked me if I could find out anything abut it.

It looks as though it should be part of a travelling/picnic set.
The makers mark I think is Thomas Woodhouse, although the date is 1900.
Is there any reason why the lion and leopard should be transposed, or is this normal?

If anyone knows where I could start looking for the engraved initials i would be I would be most gratefull

Many Thanks

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The item looks to me to be a hip flask, the removable part at the bottom is used as a cup. The sterling mark and assay office mark can be stamped either way round, it makes no difference to the piece.

I cannot make the initials out, but as they are not a crest or armorial, I doubt you would be able to find any information on them. They will relate to the original owner of the piece, not the family, so heraldry books will be no help. I think it would be impossible to trace any information from the initials alone.

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Just noticed that the makers mark is that of Thomas Whitehouse, not Thomas Woodhouse. Woodhouse made during the 18th century, his mark was registered in the 1750’s. Whitehouse made for a number of years, the mark on the hipflask was registered on the 24th March 1891.

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Tks very much