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Silver Mark ID please

Hi , This is my first post and will download some images as soon as possible of the Silver marks in question.I didnt think I would bother if they are epns or similar The marks are on 3 knifes and 3 forks. All 6 have MOP handles and I would say are 19th century . The forks are about 7 inches long and the knifes 8 inches and look high quality. There are 4 marks The top mark in a shield says EPA Then FA in an oblong boxthen EA in a box then HA. I will try and get some images downloaded later on if I get requests too. Thanks in advance for any information

I dont believe IT I was trying to find informtion about these last night for half an hour and have just found the exact info on this link in seconds … ilver.html

Thanks for a great website anyway I will be back in the near future. Keep up the excellent usefull forum