Silver, or steel?

Wondering about the tarnish on this ring, looks more like rust. My own one of these came from Poland with an assay office certificate, which this one does not have. Any opinions would be much appreciated,


It certainly looks like rust to me, but have you tried polishing it? The “800” mark implies that it might be silver, but, if it is, it doesn’t look like it at the moment.


Thanks Phil, i dont have it in hand yet, i was just after a 2nd opinion before deciding if, and what ill bid on it.
Ill likely get it anyway…like with my coins and stamps, its sometimes educational and/or amusing to own forgeries… its certainly better than some other fakes ive seen, maybe a Ukrainian copy. The real thing is also stamped 800, though almost worn away completely, despite actually being 830. Im led to believe these were made in Italy from silver supplied by “a friend at that time” for whom 830 was the standard. Cheers mate, Mick