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Silver or sterling sliver? Any help appreciated


I am hopeful someone here can help me with identifying if these marks indicate silver or silver plated.

It’s on the underside of a tarnished silver teapot I would like to clean. I’m not having a lot of luck finding what the stamps mean.

Thanks for reading

It is electroplated so neither silver nor sterling. The gothic lettering reads EPBM - electroplated Britannia metal; Britannia metal is a base metal alloy. The second letter of the manufacturer’s initials is obscured but the whole thing is probably HE&Co for Hawksworth, Eyre & Co, a Sheffield company.


Thank you very much for your help. I will do some research and see how/if it can be cleaned now that I know what it is.

Treat it like silver for cleaning, with a good quality silver polish - the surface of electroplate is pure silver but the thinness of the coating means that a non-abrasive polish is best.

Thank you, I will purchase some Hagerty silver polish which I’ve seen recommended on here and see how I get on. Would love to bring it back to life.