Silver plate flatware

hi all!

i recently bought a selection of kitchen utensils at a flea market and wondered if someone could tell me how old they are and if they are worth anything. i will post pics when i get my camera back.

there are 2 ladles from roberts & belk - 1 has quite a clear hallmark showing a curly S and then B P and a fleur de lys. the other is a bit blurred and the hallmark is slightly different showing the R & B in separate boxes followed by what looks like an 8 on its side and a strange creature with the face of a bird??

i also have a set of tongs from walker & hall with an S and an I and then a pennant with the makers initials.

there is a cake slice (fish slice???) from charles ellis & co which has the letters EP.

a small cake slice from Grosvenor Christine which says EPNS and A1.

this is probably a waste of time without pics but appreciate any info you can give.
i am really just curious to know how old they are and if they are worth more than the £1 i paid for the lot.