Silver rifle clubs society knife

Hi, I have been searching for information on this silver knife from the minatures rifle clubs society and cannot find it on any website, plenty of spoons but no knife. Thank you for your help.

Your butter knife has a Sheffield sterling silver hallmark for the assay year 1922/23 and the maker, WT, is Walter Trickett. Trickett seems to have made a bit of a speciality of shooting prize spoons. The only other point of interest here is the design registration number, 502858, I think, which was issued in 1907 so it ws in production for quite a long period.


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Hello Mia,

These are not unusual and were frequently awarded as prizes along with a preserve spoon and pickle fork. The Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs was formed in 1903 and became the National Smallbore Rifle Association in 1947. Your butter knife is almost certainly pre-war and probably 1920-35. Other SMRC crested cutlery included 2 sizes of teaspoon, sugar duster (engraved in the bowl) and sugar tongs. Fish knives and forks were advertised in The Rifleman but no examples of these have been found; maybe they weren’t very popular.

Spoons continued to be awarded post 1947 with the same crest but the new name, although the Highest Possible Score spoon with the SMRC name was still in use up to the early 1980s. I know that as I won a couple.

Crested cutlery prizes for shooting have fallen out of favour and are unusual today.


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Thank you this is very helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you so much… it is so interesting to find out the history of this butter knife. I appreciate all your help. Thank you once again both.