Silver spoon

I am trying to get a value and date on some spoons that I have. The closest I can get to is dating them (1730-1733 Ireland), and not sure if I’m correct or not. And no idea of the value of them. Any help would be appreciated.

Post a picture of the spoons and a clear picture of the hallmark(s), tell us how big they are (length & weight), and we might be able to help.

Sorry, it did say that it was attached. I’ll try again. Thanks

Does anyone know the age and value of these spoons x 6? length is 25cm and the spoon is 4.5cm. any help would be appreciated.
Antique spoon 2.JPG

The hallmark on your spoon is for Dublin 1800, I am unable to make out the maker’s mark. If the spoon was earlier as you have suggested it would probably have been an “L” in a shield and in different script and the mark most probably woulddhave been positioned further down the shaft closer to the bowl of the spoon. As to value, without seeing the complete set of spoons knowing their size and condition, it is difficult to say though you should be able to find out online pretty easily. In general a Dublin table spoon of that era may fetch around eu100-150, A Cork spoon, eu200-300, Limerick eu1500. It seems though yours is Dublin unless the maker is Cork or Limerick based and had the piece assayed in Dublin which did happen from time to time, William Ward of Limerick being such an example.

I agree with Dublin 1800 for the hallmark. An 1803 Dublin tablespoon sold recently on eBay for just over £32.

Thank you for your help. I have looked at the others and they seem similar and I’m sure they are different to the previous hallmark. Could anyone confirm dates value of these please!

Thank you
photo 4.JPG

Can anyone date and value this spoon please.
photo 3.JPG

Can anyone date and value these please?
photo 2.JPG

Can anyone date these spoons if possible, and an idea of value? Any help appreciated
photo 1.JPG

Anyone have any further information on any of these spoons, trying to find out if different dates. Thank you

If they’ve all got the date letter D then they are the same date. If not they’re different dates. If you can’t read the date letters then we can’t tell.