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Silver Teapot. Can't Decipher Hallmarks,

I bought this silver teapot after noticing that it was silver and had hallmarks on the botoom of the pot. I usually can find the hallmarks online (I buy a fair amount of silve) but I cant seem to fin this one. Please help!

Thanks again for your efforts!

Unfortunately I have to tell you that your teapot is not silver. The letters are in the Old English styles and read EPNS for electroplated nickel silver. You have probably realised that 2PT is the teapot’s capacity - 2 pints. With an anonymous mark such as this it is impossible to say where, when or by whom it was made.

Could you edit your pictures please to make them smaller. A judicious reduction in size and cropping will make them easier to view and faster to download for people with slow internet connections.