I have inherited several items of silverware to include plates, tankards, trophies etc. One of the items is a silver teapot previously owned by my grandmother.

I hope to take a photo and submit, but in the meantime can you please explain the following markings:

H.C.D. - Anchor symbol - Lion Symbol - Capital G. On the bottom there is a J with 18 above.

I understand a picture would be useful and I will endeavour to place a photo in due course.

There are too many items for me to keep, where is the best place to gain a valuation in the North Wales area?

Many thanks.

I hope you have not given up on the prospect of a reply. As you suggest, a photograph would be useful, but I believe that the marks you describe indicate that your teapot was made by H Clifford Davis Ltd and assayed in Birmingham in 1941. Note that upper case R was also used in 1966, but I think that this may be too late a date to have been made by this company.

As for valuations I suggest that you enquire at a local independent jeweller or antique dealer for suggestions.

Sorry - I made a mess of my reply, first misremembering the date letter you mentioned, then managing to post the correction in addition to the incorrect post. So here is my correct reply:

I believe that the marks you describe indicate that your teapot was made by Henry Clifford Davis and assayed in Birmingham in either 1931 or 1956 (if the latter date then the maker was by then H Clifford Davis Ltd). Without a picture it is not possible to be definitive. However you can check for yourself here.