Silver Thimble ID

Hello all I’ve have 3 thimbles. One just says sterling on it so not sure how I can work out an age on that, another is a 1902 luckily enough I found someone selling the exact same one so I found out info that way. The 3rd one however I require some help please. Preferably looking to find out how old it is and if there’s any value my guess would be early 1900’s like the other but I’d like it confirming please. Many thanks

The maker, HG&S, is Henry Griffiths & Sons Ltd. The hallmark is Chester with the date letter B (on its side here) for 1927/28.

I wouldn’t expect this thimble to have any particular value. They seem to be selling for around £10 on Ebay.

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Thankyou so much for your reply! Really appreciate it. I was along the right lines then! Don’t suppose you’d mind confirming for me if this is in fact a 1902 thimble? Please and thanks

Date letter a is 1900/01, normally written 1900, but more exactly 1900/01 as the date letter changed part way through the calendar year.

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Thank you very much would I be right to assume it’s slightly more valuable being older than the other? If so the region of £15-£20?

I don’t think that age is particularly significant for the value. I suspect that collectors would pay more for a more unusual pattern.