Silver topped glass box

Hi there. I bought this today for AU$85 and was just wondering about the date and maker and if I payed too much. I think its 1838 London from browsing on the internet but I am probably wrong.
SAM_0401 (500x370).jpg
SAM_0399 (500x373).jpg
SAM_0405 (500x375).jpg

I would suggest London 1854, with the maker being either Thomas Whithead orThomas Wimbush. I would go for Whithead. Others may disagree?
This was originally part of a boxed travelling/dressing table set with other silver topped jars & bottles.
As to the value? AU$85 is, I think, just below around £60 sterling … value is extremely subjective dependent on what you want it for. If you wish to sell it on then I wouldn’t expect too much profit. Again others may disagree


1854 is what I see too, but I think it might be Thomas Whitehouse.

Doh! All these TWs - I actually meant Whitehouse in the first place!

Thanks for the info guys :slight_smile: very helpful