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Silver watch case

Hi there, I have just purchased a silver wristwatch with a Glasgow import mark and a date letter for 1917. The makers mark is F.W and there is another pictorial mark of an airplane being pulled by three horses with a person onboard holding out a watch. I believe that the F.W may stand for Francis Webb but cannot find out anything about the other mark. Any help would be great. The watch has a Mobilia movement which again I am having difficulty finding out about.

FW may not be Francis Webb. F Webb Ltd was a Birmingham company and they are not recorded as having registered a Glasgow mark. That said, the records are a bit sketchy so a picture of the marks is essential to allow us to help you.

I shall try to get some pictures uploaded, they do not seem to upload to the site.

Hi again, this is the link to watchuseek where I have also posted questions & pictures regarding the watch.