Silver Watch Case


I’ve got a swiss watch with what I think may be a swiss watch case, but I don’t recognise any of the hallmarks so I was wondering if anyone might give me some help.

The watch is a Medana, made by Meyer & Studeli, probably in the late 1920’s. I think the top stamp on the back might well be for the manufacturer, which would make these Swiss hallmarks, but…

The watch

Inside the case back

There is also this on the side of the watch


The hallmarks are Glasgow import marks for 1925 and M&S is Meyer & Studeli as you suspected. I can’t help with the mark on the side of the case.

Wonderful! Thank you!

I realised this morning that in fact Medana had set up a UK branch in 1920, so I guess that they took over the importing from GS.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: