Silverplate Biscuit Box

Hello Folks…

I was wondering if anyone would be in a position to provide some more information and perhaps value the folding biscuit box below.

The limited information I have is that it was given to my Grandmother around 1930 from a neighbour, possibly as part of a deceased estate, so it may well have been quite old even in 1930. The only identifying marks are the single numeral 3 stamped on a number of the component parts.

Hope you guys can help.




Depending on the condition of the plate and if there are any old plate marks, the biscuit box is worth around £200 - £400.



Thanks Johnathan,

any sugestion on how I best go about selling it?



Hi James,

I just noticed that in your post you mention that the only marking is a single numeral 3.

As such, the piece is a twentieth reproduction of a Victorian one. This puts it in the lower price estimate. I would say around £200.

Selling is always difficult because it involves finding someone who wants to buy! if the right people are not in the room, this kind of piece can go very cheaply at auction.

If you have the time and patience, I would take it to numerous dealers until you find someone willing to give you a good price.

I’m afraid, that there is no easy way. // Regards Jonathan