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Site spam

Does anyone know how we can block the spammer who is posting the junk about the watches and handbags on our site? I’m a computer dummy.

Uncle Vic

Hi “uncle vic”

You need to log into the admin console then simply change this persons password
this will make it hard for him/her to log into the site

although it will not stop them re-registering under another name , the email address will probably be the same, simply change their password again when this happens

They will soon get sick of re-registering every time

I also find this spammer to be detrimental to the forum, I don`t think he/she has had one question on Silver merely selling handbags and fake watches, His /her information on watches are not historically correct and he/her will not answer or reply they simply use the forum as a shop window

regards John

This spam poster has now been blocked from the site and his posts removed.

Good job! Thanks for cleaning up the site. We have been fortunate so far to not have much of this. Of course, if the price of silver keeps climbing we are all going to be talking about something else as we will sell our silver and retire to somewhere warm with palm trees…

Uncle Vic