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Skeptical about electroplate provenance, help please!

Hi all,
I’m rather smitten with this understated and lovely (etsy link and images below) electroplated nickel silver punch set. However, the seller is mistakenly claiming it is Pairpoint. There are no marks to identify it as such. I’ve messaged with them asking if there are further marks not displayed in the pictures, which they claim there are not. They claim the previous owners said it was Pairpoint and that the E.P inside that lozenge identifies it as such. I’m of the mind that the E.P simply means that it is electroplated. Any insights? I can’t stomach paying $325 for some nickel silver junk that will wear through after a few uses no matter how much I like the look of it.

Deep gratitude,

Edward Pairpoint was a 19th century silversmith. This set looks 20th century and, because of the condition, probably late 20th century. I can’t see any connection and agree with you that EP is more likely to be ElectroPlate. If you are not happy about it leave it well alone.



Thanks, Phil. I did message them before posting here to make them aware that I thought they were mistaken. They took it in stride but clearly aren’t intending to reduce the price accordingly, they are perfectly happy to believe what is likely some family tale or misunderstanding about it being Pairpoint. If it were it would be worth significantly more, to boot!