Some help please on hallmarks

Attached are photos of hallmarks for a bracelet I just purchased. Can someone please advise me of the maker and date? Thanks for any help.

Hi. Very nice bracelet. Is that an anchor in the middle? Is there a small s on the end of the H.BR_ ? It could be Haseler Bros of Birmingham in 1909.

Thanks very much for speedy response. you’re right it does have a little s.

The K appears to be gothic to me so I wonder about the year. If its gothic wold that be a little bit earlier?

I bought it from ebay and they didnt have any details apart from saying it was probably 1950s which I didnt think was right.

Thanks again looking forward to any more advice


ps - forgot to mention it does have a little anchor too in the middle

Birmingham, 1884. So definitely not 1950s! And that date ties up very nicely with when Haseler Brothers first registered their maker’s mark, November 1883.

Thank you very much - Thats a nice suprise , nice to have something with a bit of history. This could become a bit of a hobby