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Sometimes buying bullion an antique comes in

From the title you’ve pribably worked out I’m more bullion than antiques . But this week an antique silver jug came my way by Charles Stuart Harris dated 1911. I was going to refine it down to a 10 oz bar but it had a name engraved on it I decided to google. It turns out it was presented to a Sussex solicitor who lived to be 100 and also ran a building society, the jug was a retirement gift . There are features in the times about him and on the The Gunners website, he was mentiined in WW2 dispatches. It seems a shame to scrap it as its in fine condition. I looked at some of Harris work but couldn’t see anything to compare its value with, and Im assuming being engraved will detract from it? What do you think?

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I don’t think I’d melt it down, myself. Are there hallmarks?

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